Department of Biochemistry

About the Department

The Institute is one of the five colleges of the University of Delhi to offer this prestigious course. The course has been offered from the academic year 2007-08 to cater to the growing demand of professionals in Biochemistry and allied areas. The course is multi-disciplinary in nature including theory and rigorous practical work to equip the students in various aspects of the subject. The Department has well equipped laboratories, an instrumentation room and a seminar room. Besides this, the students have access to the computer labs equipped and Internet facilities. The Department has on its rolls an excellent team of teachers known for their experience, commitment and creativity. They have been involved in several projects in collaboration with ICMR, Department of Biotechnology and other international agencies. Eminent scientists from other organizations are also invited to ignite the minds of the budding biochemists. Symposia, quizzes and personality development programmes are a part and parcel of the Departmental activities.

Job Prospects

On the completion of the course, the students can opt for post-graduate programmes from premier institutes within the country and abroad in the fields of Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Genetic engineering and other areas before opting for academics, research or being placed in the industry.