Doctoral Researches

Effect of selected work environments on prevalence of cardio-metabolic risk factors among employed adults in urban Delhi.
Deepa Shokeen, Bani Tamber Aeri

Education and Docuemntation of Thewa Craft: A Socio-Cultural Intervention.
Sanjiv Kharkare, Poonam Sachdev

Assessment of Indoor Environmental Quality and Student's Performance in Private schools in Delhi.
Pratima Singh, Renu Arora

Double Burden of Malnutrition among mother-child dyads in urban poor settings of Delhi:A cross sectional study. 
Richa Malik, Seema Puri

Effect of Symbiotic Yogurt on Coronary Heart Disease Risk Profile of Hypercholesterolemic Adults.
Smriti Sharma, Seema Puri and Dr Anura Kurpadh

Effect of canola oil consumption on serum lipid profile of dyslipidemic adults
Shraddha Chauhan, Bani Tamber Aeri

Dyeing wet blue goat nappa skin with the colorant from Penicillium minioluteum.
Sudha Pandey, Charu Gupta

Consumer Awareness and Quality Assessment of Milk and Milk products in Delhi.
Renuka Malik, Renu Arora, Sunita Aggarwal

Development of suitable work wear fabrics for workers of oil and gas industry .
Noopur Sonee, Chitra Arora, M. S. Parmar

Sericin based multifunctional finishing of polyester.
Harshita Chaudhary, Charu Gupta, Deepti Gupta

Effect of Cinnamon Intervention on The Nutritional and Biochemical Profile of Patients of Metabolic Syndrome.
Sonal Gupta, Seema Puri, Anoop Misra

Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Among Primary School Children: Impact on Physical Fitness.
Ritu Jain, Seema Puri

Dynamics of Roghan gel painting from Kutch-Gujarat.
Meena Batham, Chitra Arora

Work life balance strategies: An exploratory study in the banking sector.
Ritu Atheya, Renu Arora

Developing Effective Communication Strategies for Enhancing Water Linked Adaptive Capacity of Urban poor Women to climate Change.
Sakshi Saini, Savita Aggarwal, Geeta Punhani

Climate Change and Water Poverty: Assessing vulnerability of women.
Jagriti Kher, Savita Aggarwal, Geeta Punhani

Revival of Tribal Pata Weaving using Natural Dye Aal (morinda citrifolia) in Bastar and Korapat.
Sudha Dhingra, Chanchal

Work-life Balance Strategies: An Exploratory study in the Banking Sector.
Ritu Atheya, Renu Arora

A Study of Metabolic Syndrome and Physical Activity in urban middle aged population.
Mahak Sharma, Ranjana Mahna

Impact of iron fortified food supplementation on pregnancy outcome and growth/development of the infants.
Kumari Rashmi, Santosh Jain Passi and Bani T. Aeri

Classroom Furniture dimensions and Anthropometric measures of children in public schools.
Meghna, Renu Arora

Effectiveness of nutrition intervention on health and nutrition profile of people living with HIV and AIDS.
Deepika Pahwa, Seema Puri

Durries of Rajasthan and it's contemporization.
Shweta Kinra Kalra, Charu Gupta.

Vitamin D Status in Pregnant Mothers and their Infants: A Nutritional Evaluation.
Bhavna Sharma, Seema Puri, R.K.Marwaha

"Banking services and customer satisfaction"
Surabhi Singh, Renu Arora

Inclusive Education: Exploring Commitment Of School Administrators And Teachers.
Pratibha Jain, Geeta Chopra

Application of PQHR concept for Sustainable Development of Weaving Industry of Panipat, Haryana.
Indu Gupta, Chitra Arora

Environmental Friendly Aspects in Wet Processing of Textiles: A Study.
Bhupinder Kaur, Renu Arora, Chanchal

A Study of Dietary and Lifestyle Risk Factors of Osteoporosis in middle aged urban adults.
Divya Choudhary,Ranjana Mahna

Milkweed Blended Fabric: A Novel Approach.
Mansi Bahl, Chitra Arora

Development of Nutritional Screening and Assessment Tool For Hospitalized Patients.
Namita Rathee,Dr Seema Puri

Helminthiasis and the Efficacy of-Carotene Enriched Food Supplementation 
- A Study amongst Primary School Children in Delhi.
Sobhana, Santosh Jain Passi and Somnath Singh

Influence of sources of Information on the purchase of durables and non-durables items.
Richa Tyagi,Renu Arora

Impact of Nutrition and Lifestyle on Bone Mineral Health of School Girls of Delhi .
Neha Bhatnagar, Seema Puri and Maj. Gen. Raman K. Marwaha

Role of Lifestyle and Dietary Pattern in Relation to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus .
Seenu Raj, Geeta Trilok-Kumar and G.S. Toteja

Nutritional Appraisal of Pre and Post-Menopausal Women and the Effect of Dietary Interventions .
Kumari Geetha, Kumud Khanna and Ranjana Mahna

Evaluation of the Role of Soy Isoflavones in Control of Postmenopausal Symptoms: A Study in Iran. 
Durdana Husain, Kumud Khanna and Seema Puri

Effectiveness of Nutrition and Health Education Integrated with Mid-Day Meal Programme in MCD Schools—A Study .
Rajeshwari Ramana, Santosh Jain Passi

Effect of omega-3 fatty acids and/or plant sterol supplementation on the composite risk profile of dvslipidemic adults. 
Shweta Khandelwal, Santosh Jain Passi and Srinath Reddy

Diet/Lifestyle related Risk Factors and the Impact of Educational Intervention
–A Study among known Cases of Coronary Heart Disease .
Shabnam Chhabra, Santosh Jain Passi and S. C. Manchanda

Traditional Indian Play Materials for Children (3-6years): An Evaluation. 
Veenu Wadhwa, Kumud Khanna and Geeta Chopra

Family Dynamics and Coping Strategies of the families of Intellectually Challenged Children. 
Sheetal Nagpal, Geeta Chopra

A Study of Production, Training and Marketing systems related to Traditional Printing Units of Kumaon region.
Anshu Sharma, Chitra Arora

Nutritional Status of Farm Women in Uttarakhand: Study on Pregnancy, Lactation and Infant Feeding Practices.
Geeta Chauhan, Ranjana Mahana

A Comparative study of the properties of Organic cotton and Conventional cotton. 
Charu Jain, Charu Gupta and M. S. Parmar

Designing and Construction of Innerwear for Women in the Age Group of 25-40 Years. 
Jyoti Aggarwal, Charu Gupta

Supplementary Feeding component of Developmental Programmes with Particular
Reference to the Mid-Day Meal Programme in Delhi—A study. 
Tejmeet Rekhi, Santosh JainPassi

Lactational Performance : Quality/Quantity of Milk Secreted and Breast Feeding / Childcare
practices—A Study among the Rural, Urban Poor and Urban Elite Nursing mothers in Delhi (2006)
Kajali, Santosh Jain Passi

Awareness about Reproductive Health among School Going Adolescent Girls: An Exploratory Study in Delhi
Renu Gulati, Sharma and Kumud Khanna

Seasonality and the Maternal Factors influencing Pregnancy Outcome: A study
Bani Tamber Aeri, Santosh Jain Passi

The Group Dynamics in Self-Help Groups Micro-Enterprises in Haryana State
Shashi Vashisht, Kumud Khanna and Renu Arora

Evaluation of Zinc Status of Young Children (Aged 6-24 Months) from an Urban Resettlement of Delhi
Pratibha Dhingra, Santosh Jain Passi, Sushil T. Vig

Impact of Leaf Powder Concentrate Supplementation on Iron and Vitamin A status of Preschool Children (1-3 years)
Meenu Aggarwal, Supervisors: Kumud Khanna

Village Durries of Hisar and Bighar: Present Status and Scope for Change
Parveen Punia, Charu Gupta

ICDS Scheme for Adolescent Girls – a Study
Anita Malhotra, Santosh Jain Passi

Management Values and Training: a study on women Managing Formaland Informal Organisations Simultaneously
Preeti Mehra, Premavathy Seetharaman

Socio-psychological Influences on Diet Quality of Urban Middle ClassElderly Women in New Delhi
Seema Puri, Kumud Khanna

Impact of Information Education and Communication with special emphasis on Coronary Heart Disease
— A Study among School Going Adolescents
Sukhneet Suri, Santosh Jain Passi, S.C. Manchanda

Sanganeri Printing of Rajastan: An Appraisal
Ritu Mathur, Dr. Chanchal


Acceptability of Jute-Acrylic Blend Yarn in Knitting
Krishna Khambra, Dr. Chanchal

Functional Garments for the Physically Handicapped: Development and Extension
Neelam Pruthi, Dr. Chanchal, Dr. P. Seetharaman

Implementation and Impact of ISO 9000 Standards on Indian Industries
Geeta Punhani, Dr Kumud Khanna, Dr P. Seetharaman

Urban Kitchens and Meal Preparation Activities—An Assessment of Their Association
Poonam Magu, Kumud Khanna and Premavathy Seetharaman

Trends in Fast Food Consumption vis-à-vis Dietary Profile and Nutrient
Intake of the Young (16-21 years) in Delhi Metro
Ranjana Mahna, Kumud Khanna and Santosh Jain Passi

Impact of Textile-related Income-Generating Activities on the Status of Women, as a whole
Chitra Arora, Premavathy Seetharaman and Jagpal Singh

Attitude of Families Residing in the States of Delhi and Punjab Towards Female Infanticide
Sarita Anand, Dr. P. Seetharaman

Module for Training Anganwadi Workers for Early Detection of Childhood Disabilities (0-6 years): Development and Assessment
Geeta Chopra, Dr. P. Seetharaman, Dr. I.C. Verma

Effectiveness of the Redressal System for Handling Consumer Grievances: An Appraisal
Renu Arora, Dr. S. Malhan, Dr. P. Seetharaman

Quality of Life of Farm Women in Rural North India : Impact of Adoption of Modern Agricultural Technology
Savita Aggarwal, Dr. Kumud Khanna, Dr. Surjeet Malhan

Feasibility and Efficacy of Gruels Enriched with Amylase Rich Food in the Nutritional Management of Malnourished Children with and without Diarrhoea
Vandita Gupta, Dr. S.K.Mittal, Dr. Kumud Khanna

Ironing Enterprise and its Management
Parveen Pannu, Dr. S. Malhan, Dr. S. Kumar

Energy and Nutritional Requirements of Coast Guard Personnel in India
Mohini Sethi, Dr. S. Malhan

Blood Pressure Distribution in Adolescent Children (13-16 years) in Himachal Pradesh: Study of Nutritional and Associated Correlates
Usha Raina, Dr. S. Malhan

Studies in Integrated Education in Nutrition - Impact of Nutrition/Health Education on Poor Communities
Santosh Jain Passi, Dr. S. Malhan, Dr. C. Gopalan

Food Processing Technology: Development and Extension to Rural Households;
Premavathy Seetharaman, Dr. S. Malhan.