New Building

The new building block

Institute of Home Economics is one of the first colleges of the University of Delhi to add a new building block as part of the college expansion. This will not only facilitate the increase the uptake of students to the college but also provide them ample space for study and indulge in co-curricular activities. The new building has twelve lecture theaters and eight labs all of which are very spacious and well lit. To add on to the existing infrastructure, a large conference room housed here is being developed with state-of-the-art facilities to host conferences and workshops for the benefit of the students and the faculty. This is especially important since the faculty of the college is involved in several research projects funded by DST, World Bank, CSIR, MoEF and UGC and such activities are organized frequently.

The institute is running a day care center for children and a pre-nursery school from this building block. Both these facilities are in operation under the supervision of expert faculty of Human Development and Childhood Studies. The highlight of the building is a strategically located amphitheater for hosting intra as well as inter-college events in the college. A staff room for the faculty will also be a part of this building The building block has a stateā€“of-the-art fitness center for the benefit of students and staff. The new building was inaugurated on the Annual day of the college by Prof. M.C. Sharma, Member, Law Commission of India on February 28, 2015. The existing building of the college which houses the library, a conference room and several labs and lecture halls has been fully renovated to be at par with the new block and facilitate the teaching learning process.