List of Teacher-In-charges of various Departments

May 2017-July 2018

S.No. Department Teacher-In-charge
1. Development Communication & Extension Dr. Savita Aggarwal
2. Resource Management and Design Application Dr. Poonam Magu
3. Food and Nutrition Dr. Bani Tamber Aeri
4. Fabric and Apparel Science Dr. Amita Walia
5. Human Development and Childhood Studies Dr. Bhavna Negi
6. Microbiology Mrs. Sonia Chaudhary
7. Biochemistry Dr.Geeta Trilok Kumar
8. Department of Elementary Education Dr. Nidhi Gulati
9. Biology Dr. Rachna Kapila
10. Physical Education Dr. Namita Saini
11. Physiology Dr. Manjula Suri
12. English Ms. Anita George