No. of Seats: 39 (UR: 18, OBC: 10 SC: 6, ST: 3, EWS: 2 )

The much valued three year degree course in Biochemistry attracts the cream of students from all over India. Institute of Home Economics is one of the six colleges of University of Delhi to run this course. Students will be offered advanced level theory and practical courses in subjects like proteins, cell biology, immunology, enzymes, molecular biology, recombinant DNA technology, and advanced techniques in immunology genetics and molecular biology. The programme aims to train the students to enable them to apply biochemical principles learned both theoretically and experimentally to understand various complex processes in life sciences and provide biochemical solutions to combat various human diseases.

This programme in Biochemistry aims to provide students with excellent training in Biochemistry emphasizing on solid background of basic concepts as well as rapid advancement in the field. In addition to theoretical knowledge, considerable emphasis is given on hands on training in the foundations of Biochemistry and Biotechnology through practical training. This course aims to provide conceptualisation of collaborative and multidisciplinary work, amalgamate and apply the basic understanding of basic and industrial research and biotechnology.

They should have analytical and problem solving skills with regard to various challenges in the field of biochemistry. The programme aims to impart in each student the competence for research and innovation in Biochemistry and Biotechnology as a skilled experimentalist.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements for Admission to
BSc (Hons) Biochemistry