Admission Procedure

Online Registration

  1. Candidates seeking admission to the Undergraduate (UG) Courses in different colleges of the University of Delhi are required to register online.
  2. There is a common Web Portal for the centralized registration of candidates and a common registration form for admission to all the Undergraduate Courses in the University.
  3. Online registration details are available on the following UG admission portal:
  4. As a first time user, candidate shall create the login details by entering the details in “New User signup” (At the right bottom of the front page of the portal).
  5. In the “New User Signup”, candidate shall provide the email-id, which would be used for any future communication with the University for Admission Purpose.
  6. Candidate shall then create a password (of minimum six characters) for online registration purpose. This password does not need to be same as candidate’s email account password, which is used to access one’s email account.
  7. Candidate shall also provide a valid mobile phone number (10 digit number without any prefix).
  8. On completion of this process a verification email will be sent on candidate’s email account with a confirmation link, which a candidate shall have to click to confirm the registration. Please note that this email account is same as the one provided by the Candidate in point (ii) above.
  9. Applicant shall now log on to the UG admission portal to fill the online registration form. In the “Registered User Login” section applicant shall enter “registered email-id” as username and the “password”, which the applicant created in point (ii) above. The same login information is used every time to login to the applicant’s account.
  10. In the applicant’s home area, the applicant shall now start with the online filling of the registration form by clicking “Apply Now”.
  11. The entire registration form is divided in eight sections and applicant needs to fill the details in each of these sections.
  12. In the first section, the applicant needs to fill the Personal details (as in Applicant’s Certificates). In the additional information of the same section, the applicant should mention if the applicant is applying under the category of Kashmiri Migrant (KM) and Children/Widow of Armed Forces Personnel (CW).
  13. In case the applicant is applying under Ward Quota of the University, then the applicant needs to provide the additional relevant information like Name of the employee (Father/Mother) designation etc.
  14. The female applicants can choose to apply to NCWEB. If applying for NCWEB, then the applicant shall mention the Courses of their choice. (See Section 13 for further details on NCWEB)
  15. The applicant shall also mention the address details.
  16. All the entries should be saved by clicking at the “Save” button at the bottom of the page. The entries if needed can be edited by clicking on “Edit”. The applicant can proceed to the next section by clicking on “Next” at the bottom of the page.
  17. Applicant shall also provide the Academic details.
  18. Applicant shall choose the Courses in which the applicant wishes to apply based on the eligibility of the candidate. The applicant is advised to check the eligibility of the Courses before making a choice. (See Section 4, Section 5 and Annexure-I for calculation of “Best Four” subjects). There is no limit on the maximum number of courses in which the applicant can apply.
  19. There are no extra registration fee charges for applying in multiple courses. In the Sports section, the applicant needs to mention if the application is to be considered under Sport’s Category. In case the applicant is applying under Sport’s Category then the applicant shall furnish the relevant details like: the name of the sport, Colleges for which the applicant’s application is to be considered under Sport’s category, details of the certificates in the relevant sport. The applicant can opt to apply for more than one sport if the applicant is eligible. The
  20. applicant needs to save the details and continues to choose the next sport, if applicable, or else
  21. Proceed to the next section. (See Section 9.7.2 and Annexure-IV for further details.)
  22. In the ECA section, the applicant needs to mention if the application is to be considered under Extra Curricular Activities Category (ECA). In case the applicant is applying under ECA Category then the applicant shall furnish the relevant details like: the name of the Extra Curricular Activity, Colleges for which the applicant’s application is to be considered under ECA category, details of the ranking/certificates in the relevant ECA activity. The applicant can opt to apply for more than one ECA activity if the applicant is eligible the applicant needs to save the details and continues to choose the next ECA, if applicable, or else proceed to the next section.
  23. In the Mandatory Upload section, the applicant has to upload the following items:
    1. Passport size photograph of the applicant. The specification of the passport size photo is same as that used in the Indian Passport.
    2. Scanned signature of the applicant
    3. Self-attested copy of Class X Board Certificate (for the date of birth)
    4. Self-attested Class XII Marks-Sheet, if result is announced. (In case Mark-Sheet is not issued by the Board then the self-attested copy of the Mark-Sheet downloaded from the respective boards’ website should be uploaded).
    5. Self-attested copy of SC/ST/OBC/PwD/KM/CW Certificate, if applicable.
    6. Self-attested copy of income certificate (for OBC non-creamy layer) Certificate, if applicable.
    7. Self-attested copy of Sport Certificate(s) for last three years, if applicable.
    8. Self-attested copy of Extra Curricular Activities Certificate(s), if applicable.
  24. The University will accept self-attested copies of documents / papers provided by the students. It is made clear that if any false attestation / falsified records are detected, the student will be debarred from attending any course in the University / or its Colleges for next five years and in addition, a criminal case under relevant sections of IPC (viz. 470,471,474 etc.) will be instituted against him/her.
  25. Once all the above-mentioned files are uploaded, applicant can preview the entire application form. If any changes are to be made then the applicant can edit it. The applicant can edit different sections by clicking at the label (name) of each section and then choose to edit. All the changes should be saved by clicking the save button at the bottom of each page.
  26. In case the applicant does not need to edit the registration form any further and the registration form is completely filled then the applicant can proceed to the online registration payment.
  27. Candidate’s application submission process shall be completed only after payment of the online registration fee.
  28. For Persons with Disabilities (PwD) only: In order to assist PwD applicants in filling the online registration form, two centres are exclusively established in the University of Delhi, one in North Campus and another in South Campus.
  29. Foreign nationals may visit for details related with their registration/admission process.
  30. After payment of the online registration fee, corrections, additions, deletions etc. in any manner shall not be allowed in the registration form. The candidates are, therefore, advised to fill their forms carefully.

Admission Process

  1. The candidates must check the University website and respective college website for cut-offs for different courses.
  2. The candidates who meet the requisite cut-off should login to the UG admission portal and select college/course where the candidate wishes to take admission and meets the desired cut-off criterion.
  3. The candidate shall take the print out of the admission form and together with the list of documents proceed to the respective college for verification of marksheet, calculation of cut-off percentage depending on the course and verification of other documents.
  4. The college will retain the certificates of approved candidate in order to avoid multiple admissions. The certificates will remain with the colleges during the admission process. However, the colleges will promptly return the documents in case student withdraws/cancels the admission or student wishes to appear in counselling of any other university/ institute.
  5. After this, the college will approve the admission on the UG admission portal. The candidate will then be required to log-on to the UG admission portal to make the online Admission Fee payment through one of the available online payment options. The approved candidate is permitted to make online admission fee payment till 12 noon of the next day of the given admission list deadline.
  6. It may be noted that your admission in a college is completed only after payment of the online admission fee on the UG admission portal within the prescribed time-limit.
  7. A candidate can take admission only in one course in one college at any given time. In case a student wishes to withdraw/cancel the admission in a course/college, the candidate should approach the college where the admission is taken. Only after the college cancels the admission of a candidate, the candidate can proceed to take admission in other courses/colleges. Admission fee will be refunded to the candidate as per the College/University rules.
  8. The college will admit all the candidates who meet the announced cut-off criteria. The policy will not be “first come first served.”
    1. The candidates who could not take admission in a given cut-off list can be considered for admission in the immediate next cut-off list only on the last date of admission, subject to availability of seats.
    2. For Boards, like International Baccalaureate and others, whose results are declared late, candidates may be considered in whichever cut-off list their results are declared, subject to availability of seats and provided the candidate had completed the online registration process.
  9. After five cut-off lists, the colleges will notify vacant seats course-wise and category-wise on the college and University websites. The registered candidates will be required to apply in the colleges/courses against vacant seats through the UG admission portal, using the subsequent procedure.

Admission process at the colleges after fifth cut-off list

If the seats remain vacant after fifth cut-off list, the following process will be followed to fill vacant seats.

  1. The college will notify the status of vacant seats (course-wise and category-wise) on the university portal as well as on their website and college notice board.
  2. Only those candidates who had registered earlier on the UG admission portal will be eligible for this admission process. The candidate is again required to apply online through UG admission portal and choose the course/college wherever seats are available and as per the notified schedule only.
  3. The application of such candidates will be received online only for 3 days, each in two phases.
  4. The college will prepare a merit list of all candidates who have applied in the college online with their names, online registration number and Best of Four/PCM/PCB etc. (whichever is applicable) for each course and display the complete merit list on its website and notice board.
  5. The college will also notify the merit list with names and registration number of candidates eligible for admission against vacant seats.
  6. The admission of the candidates, whose names appear in the merit list prepared by the college for each course, will be admitted in next two days on merit basis only against vacant seats. The admission process will however be only online as earlier.
  7. Three such lists with names of eligible candidates for admission as per the seats available should be brought out according to the schedule announced by the University.
  8. After three such cut-offs, if the seats still remain vacant or the list has been exhausted, the college will again invite applications online through university portal as above (points 2 & 3).
  9. The subsequent admission process will be similar as notified (refer points 1 to 6).