Department of Food and Nutrition

About the Department

The Department of Food and Nutrition offers various subjects related to the field at the undergraduate level as a part of B.Sc. Home Science (both Hons and Pass course) and BSc (Hons) Food Technology curriculum. In addition, at the post graduate level, the Department also offers a one-year post graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition, as well as in Health and Social Gerontology and a two-year Master’s degree in Food and Nutrition. Under the auspices of University of Delhi, the Department also offers a Doctoral programme.

To widen the horizon of the students, the department holds seminars, workshops and lectures from time to time by eminent people working in the field of Nutrition and Food Technology or in collaboration with organizations related to these fields. Apart from this, the students and faculty are encouraged to participate and present papers at various National and International conferences.

The department is actively engaged in community based programmes for imparting nutrition and health messages to the vulnerable sections of the society such as the under-privileged, young children, adolescent girls, pregnant and nursing mothers and elderly. Several research projects have been undertaken by the department, in collaboration with ICMR, DST, World Bank, UNICEF, Micronutrient Initiative, HelpAge India and other government and International organizations as well as industry.

The faculty is involved in activities of various professional societies such as Nutrition Society of India, Indian Dietetics Association, Association of Food Scientists and Technologists, India (AFSTI). The faculty is represented on various research and advocacy Committees constituted by the Government.

At the undergraduate level, the students are given knowledge of Food Science, Nutritional requirements for diverse age groups, Public Nutrition, Nutritional Biochemistry, Diet Therapy, Food Processing as well as Food Safety. The students undergo rigorous practical training too in the above areas to make the learning holistic. The learning is multifaceted as the students opting for this major are also given knowledge of management, entrepreneurship development, human development etc.

The Post-graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition is a comprehensive course dealing in subjects such as Therapeutic Nutrition, Public Health Nutrition and Institutional Food Management. Courses in Nutrition Research, Nutritional Biochemistry, Food Microbiology and Safety and Applied Physiology are offered alongside to support the specialized courses. An internship in a multi-specialty hospital at the end of the programme enables the students to get hands on training in patient care and dietetic management.

The one year Post-graduate Diploma in Health and Social Gerontology is an innovative interdisciplinary course approved by UGC. The course is designed to enable the students to engage in direct services for older adults such as old age homes, residential and day care facilities, rehabilitation services in the government and private sectors. The students can also initiate and sustain research, training, welfare programmes and services for older adults.

The Master's programme in the Department of Food and Nutrition offers specialization in Clinical Nutrition, Public Nutrition and Programme Planning as well as Food Science and Processing. The students undertake a four-week internship and conduct research work in different areas of Nutrition as part of dissertation in addition to undertaking field visits and community work.

Job Prospects

At the culmination of the course, the students can either seek jobs directly or opt for the Master's or Diploma programmes. They can seek jobs as Dieticians and Nutrition Consultants in hospitals, clinics, fitness centers, international organizations and NGOs. They can also join catering organizations, food industry or else opt for teaching and research. Alumni of the department hold senior positions in government, nongovernmental, international agencies and the industry. Many alumni have successfully started their own entrepreneurial ventures.