Department of Human Development and Childhood Studies

About the Department

The department of Human Development and Childhood Studies is an undergraduate department which endeavors to provide the students with an understanding of human development across the life span. The child and the family is studied both developmentally as well as in diverse socio-cultural context. The focus of the department is on creating a wide perspective on issues related to child survival, protection and development. Other concerns include gender issues, child and human rights, needs of the elderly and children with disabilities. Faculty of the department is regularly invited as resource persons and experts to various organizations. The department also has ongoing research projects.

The department prepares students to become professionals working in the field of Human development. During the period of 3 years the students are exposed to a range of experiences through workshops, field visits to organizations working with children and women, seminars and interactions with experts and placement in NGOs. The Department runs a nursery school for children in the age group of 2-5 years. We also offer a short-term course in Early Childhood Care and Education. A new short-term course in Management of Individual and emotional Well-being is also being run by the department.

Job Prospects

The career opportunities available to students include working as educators, counselors in schools and as special educators. The students are equipped to be part of child guidance clinics, to work with NGOs and research organizations and even to start early childhood education programmes.