The Institute of Home Economics Library System consists of a Central Library and 11 departmental libraries which collectively support the teaching, research and extension programmes of the Institute. The college maintains a well-stocked library which is open to all students and staff. There is a well-equipped Reading Room, which subscribes to dailies, weeklies, periodicals and journals.

The library is an integral part of the academic setup of the college, the major aim of which is to acquire , collect and organize books and other allied reading materials for use by students and faculty members and thus to support the teaching programme of the college. Presently the library has a collection of 22,500 resource materials which includes text books, reference books and thesis and back volumes of journals in the field of Home Science. The Library subscribes to 40 National and International Journals. The Library also has a Book Bank with 615 volumes.


The Library uses an integrated multi-user library management system that supports all in-house operations of the Library. Database can now be accessed through the OPAC available in the Central Library and all the 11 departmental libraries. The database of books available in the Library is updated every-day with details of recently acquired books.

The college was connected to ERNET with Delhi University Wireless Loop in the year 2002-03. Since then, the IHE library has 24 hour ERNET (Department of Electronics) connection and access to many databases viz: INGENTA, J- STORE, EBSCO, SCOPUS databases, and other online journal subscribed by Delhi University Library System.

DULS has provided 12 nodes to access e-format information and knowledge from the DULS as well as access to several other online databases such as:

(a) Union catalogue of books
(b) Union list of current periodicals in Delhi libraries
(c) Union catalogue of periodicals in Delhi libraries
(d) Database of periodical articles
(e) CD-ROM databases
(f) Database of theses and dissertations
(g) Database of publications of Indian languages
(h) Indian Specialists database
(i) Books in print: New titles from Indian publishers


All students enrolled in the undergraduate and postgraduate course of study, Teaching faculty and Non-teaching staff members are eligible for Library membership.

Research scholars can be enrolled as members by paying Library fee of Rs. 700.00 per annum and Rs. 1,000.00 as library security. Outside readers are also given membership on daily basis (referral services only) on the payment of Rs.50.00 per day.

The IHE Library offers inter-library loan service to its users for the books and periodicals not available in the IHE Library. Inter-library loan facilities are not extended to the Libraries outside Delhi. However, photocopies of articles are sent to the libraries situated any where in the country on demand.

Library Timings

Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM