IHE Nursery School



Early Child Development Centre

Stimulation in the early years is viewed as a foundation for subsequent learning. The significance of providing the appropriate environment to enhance and foster holistic development of the child cannot be over-emphasized.

Realizing the crucial importance of the early childhood years as a period of rapid physical and mental growth, with great pleasure, the college wishes to announce the starting of pre-school and day care programme in the new building block of the college. The I.H.E. Nursery School, Aarambh has been initiated by the Department of Human Development and Childhood Studies. Through this centre, the department affirms its approach towards holistic child development and education - by creating meaningful and positive childhood experiences and a stimulating environment for children. The central vision of Aarambh is to focus on learning by providing a range of activities to foster physical-motor, cognitive, language and social-emotional development of children.

Objectives of Aarambh

• Foster overall development of children
• Enhance self-concept and emotional regulation
• Develop reading and writing readiness
• Engage children in dance/music/art workshops
• Provide excellent alternate care option for working parents

Services available at Aarambh

• Pre-school Centre
• Day care
• After School Care
• Guidance and Counseling for Parents
• Workshop for Parents

Along with engaging children in a range of activities, children are taken regularly for picnics, the most recent one being to the Rail Museum. Recently in Janauary, 2016, the Department organised a workshop on “Parenting Young Children”. The Human Department and Childhood Studies Department plans to hold a series of such workshops focusing on relevant issues for parents and other stakeholders from time to time.