Short Term Courses

The Institute runs several add-on courses to meet the aspirations of the students and the growing needs of the industry. Students pursuing regular degree courses join these short-term certificate courses. These courses have proved to be highly popular and the response of the students has been very encouraging. The curriculum for these courses has been planned for 50-100 hours and the classes are scheduled twice a week in the late afternoon. Eminent academicians as well as experts from the industry are invited to give lectures and interact with students.

Brief report of the short-term courses recently conducted

The following courses have been conducted at the Institute from time to time.

Certificate Course in 'Nutrition for Health, Sports and Fitness' conducted by the Department of Food & Nutrition in collaboration with the Department of Physical Education. The objective of this short-term course is to train students in the areas of fitness and weight management combined with the knowledge of dietary plans aimed at opening up placement opportunities for students in the fitness industry. Experts from the fitness industry and nutrition experts are invited to give lectures in this course.

Certificate Course in 'Early Childhood Care and Education' Education' by the Department of Human Development and Childhood Studies. This course envisages bringing up a conceptual and philosophical foundation in Early Childhood Care and Education and its current status in India, to grasp principles of curriculum design and management and to acquire skills to manage and even start an ECCE programme. Experts from the Government and Private sector are invited to interact with the students on various issues concerning Early Childhood Care and Education.

Certificate course in Management of Individual and Emotional Well-being by the Department of Human Development and Childhood studies. A new short term certificate course on Management of Individual and Emotional Well-being was initiated by the Department of Human Development& Childhood Studies in 2010. The course was started with a serious thought of accommodating the challenges faced by adolescents and youth and to prepare them to manage these changes. The course content focuses on aspects of time management, personal grooming, training for interviews and group discussions and etiquette. The present generation faces several grappling issues in the transitory phase of their lives. Such a short-term course would provide them an opportunity for introspection and a space for expressing the self. The resource persons interacting with the students range from managers in Human Resource to psychologists and consultants working on Human Relations. At present this short-term course is offered once a week and is of 40 hour duration.

Certificate Course in 'Event Management and AUTOCAD && Interior Designing' by the Department of Resource Management. This six-month certificate course provide the students with both theoretical and practical training in event management and interior designing and include field visits to observe events such as the Trade Fair, exhibitions, events etc. Eminent speakers from event management companies, the corporate sector and hospitality industry, practicing architects and interior designers from reputed institutes conduct sessions in the courses. Besides students of IHE, the course also attracts students from other colleges and persons already working with event management companies and other corporate houses.

Certificate Course in 'Radio Jockeying' by the Department of Communication and Extension. This course enables students to embark on a successful career in radio jockeying, as it provides stimulating lectures and practical training in the state-of the-art audio studio located at the Institute. Eminent RJs from private radio stations as well as All India Radio conduct sessions in this course and train students in scripting, voice modulation, editing, recording and various facets of radio jockeying. Students record their own audio programmes at the end of the course.

Certificate course in 'Computer-Aided Designing' by the Department of Fabric and Apparel Science. The Department of Fabric and Apparel Science runs a six-month short-term course in Computer- Aided Designing. The course trains students in software pertaining to textile and garment designing. Specialized faculty teaches the design software in this course designed for about 25-30 students in a batch. Students prepare a portfolio at the end of the course.