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women's empowerment and safety to celebarate International Women's Day

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Final year Students at the Department of Human Development collaborated with JAGORI, an NGO working for women's empowerment and safety to celebarate International Women's Day. The event took place on 8th March, 2015, at Cannought Place as a part of the weekly Raahgiri programme. Safe Delhi Campaign and recaliming the city for women was the theme of the event. The volunteers helped create awareness amongst those who attended the event by distributing post cards, getting pledges signed etc. They also gave people a platform to share their resolve against violence against women in the form of pledges that they created themselves. People were also made aware that it was international women's day by means of badges that the vounteers created. The other events that took place at raahgiri that the students of IHE participated in were: cycling across CP with flags attached to their cycles that hoisted the message of women safety, rap by Renee Verma, band performances etc. All these activities made for a very eye opening experience about the pitiful condition of not only rural but urban/metropolitan women living in the capital of the largest democracy in the world. Jagori not only gave a strong message about being aware of this situation but also the efforts that we need,to make to bring about a change in the lives of all the women that call this city their home.

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